Scientists In The School

Today we had Scientists In The School, Scientists In The School is a fun activity where kids can do safe science experiments for fun, we were experimenting with The three states of matter and it was so awesome! Our goal was to figure out what the Mystery Powder is. We first we’re experimenting with three substances which were flour, baking soda and epsom salt. We put all three substances in water and the results were: the flour sank to the bottom of the small cup and did not dissolve in the water acting like a solid, the baking soda went to the top and did dissolve in the water but it made a circle on the sides and it was like gas and the Epsom salt did dissolve in the water and it was all over the place like a liquid, that experiment was a physical change. Next we did not use flour because it acted like a solid, so we used the Epsom salt and the baking soda and also used a cup of water and we marked the substances on a piece of paper to see which would dry on the paper first, the mixture with baking soda with water was first, try water alone was second and the Epsom salt with water was last, that experiment was a chemical change. Then we used the baking soda and Epsom salt along with Vitamin C crystals. We used two different cups, one cup was used for the baking soda and Vitamin C crystals along with cabbage powder and water mixed together and it created so many bubbles and it looked so cool! The other cup was used to mix cabbage water with Epsom salt and it look really good with it’s red texture, that experiment was another chemical change. And finally, for the last experiment we used the Mystery Powder which could be one of the substances other than the Vitamin C crystals, most of us thought it was flour and we were right. But then we realized that there was another substance that we did not find out, we figured it out and it turned out it was baking soda. At the end it took really long to clean up and it took 10 minutes! My favourite part was the 2nd experiment.

Today was a good day with many twists and turns and hope that you were surprised too, well I’ll see you at the next blog!