What Is Electricity?


Electricity is a source and an effect of light. When it hits something that is powered by Electricity it activates. 


Different types of electric power


There are different types of electric power such as:


Nuclear Power


Water and Hydroelectric Power


Wind Power


Solar Power


Geothermal power


Other Types Of Electricity


There isn’t just one type of Electricity. There are more types such as: Static Electricity, Static Electricity is a type of Electricity that is powered by positive and negative charges, for example: You rub a balloon on your shirt, you see it sticks on you, that’s because your shirt’s outside has positive charges and the balloon has negative charges. If you rub two balloons on your shirt and tie them both on a string you see they do not come in contact, that’s because they both have negative charges. Here is a video about Static Electricity:



Electromagnetism, Electromagnetism is Electricity but when it goes through something it has a magnetic field of electricity, when something gets too close to the magnetic field it gives out a shock, for example: You see the japanese bullet train’s rails, what do they look like? If you saw metal on the sides in your vision you might be thinking “What is so special about that? I mean it is only metal.”, well those pieces of metal are actually electromagnetic currents that make the train go so fast. The magnetic field is made of, Electric Charges, Compressed Air, and South Magnetic Charges. Here is a video about Electromagnetism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cy6kba3A8vY&t=14s


Househeld Electricity


Look around your house, what do you see?

You might see lights, ovens, washing machines, clocks, sinks, TVs, tablets, phones, and air conditioning. What are those househeld items mostly powered by? If you guessed electricity, then you are correct! Most of them have wires connecting to them leading to sockets called Outlets, Outlets are holes that connect to the wire which go to a big wire called a Power Cable. Power Cables are wires that have the house’s power and the computer network. 




  •  Electricity is not a solid, liquid or gas, it is the fourth state of matter called Plasma.
  • The first person to discover Electricity was Benjamin Franklin.
  • Electricity is just painful particles of burning light.
  • Cows can survive lightning strikes in rare cases.
  • The first person who survived lightning was 35-75 years old.


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