My Innovation Day Reflection

Before when me and Benny started our Innovation Day project, I was feeling confident in myself, and I thought it would be easy. But when we started building, it was stressful when we started. I was excited to build the idea of our game, Pinball. Yet again, I was nervous when the actual building started. These feelings had changed when the video needed to be filmed, and by changed, I mean stress. I was surprised when we actually made the video, thinking it would take a while. But the actions that we did had contributed a lot to our project. Such as our presentation, all the way to our game. But to make our project glow, we had to think smarter, not harder. The parts that we needed to do to make us prove where to grow, I think that we needed to focus on time management. When we presented it to parents, I felt nervous and anxious, but we did it. But thinking of my project and other projects, I think that I should focus more on the project.

(Here is one of our videos!)