Joel’s Short Story

Mr. Linden’s Library


One day, in a small little town, there was a girl, whose name was Fiona. On that very day, she was going to Mr. Linden’s library. Mr. Linden was an old, kind man. When Fiona saw a book that caught her eye and pulled it from the shelf, Mr. Linden screamed, “Wait! This book is…!”. He had warned her about the book. Now it was too late


Fiona went back home and said to herself, “This sure will be a good book, I’ll read it from beginning to end,”. Then she returned home, laid down on her bed, and read and read. It was getting late, and Fiona was tired. “Boy oh boy am I sleepy, I am feeling a little bit dreamy,” she said as she fell asleep. Then she had a dream, an interesting dream. 

Fiona saw herself in her dream, wondering where she was. 

“Where am I?” she said as she wondered.  

“You are in your dream,” a voice said.

“Who are you?”  Fiona asked. 

“What?! Are you saying you don’t remember me?” the voice asked. 

“Nope.” Fiona responded. 

“I am Mr. Linden,” the voice stated. 

“Oh yeah, you’re that librarian,” Fiona said.


“Wait, why are you here? Why am I here?” 

“I tried to warn you about that book. It is a cursed book,” Mr. Linden said, ”If you read it…” 

“Why didn’t you tell me it was cursed?!” Fiona interrupted. 

“I tried to tell you, but you did not listen,” Mr. Linden said. “In order to escape this place and wake up, you must embark on a journey to make an elixir using the following ingredients,” he said. Then he handed Fiona a small paper with strange items, the list looked like this:



  • The Fiery Heart


    • A leaf from the glowing tree
    • Some frozen shards


  • Enchanted soil 


“Those are the ingredients?” Fiona asked. 

“Yes, they are, and I’m certain of it,” Mr. Linden responded. “And I forgot to mention that…”.

“Bye! I’m leaving now!” Fiona interrupted.

 “Wait!” Mr. Linden exclaimed, but Fiona left in a hurry.


As Fiona was on her journey, looking for those items, she had heard another voice. “Who are you, and why are you here?”, a mysterious man said. 

“Do you know that it is rude to not say your name before asking who someone is?”, Fiona responded. 

“I guess you have a point”, the mysterious man replied, “I am the Mysterious Man and you should turn back. The people that had crossed this path never made it out alive. That old man is leading you to death.” 

“Nonsense,” Fiona responded back. “Anyway, I am on a journey and I am busy, so leave me alone and let me go”.

“I warned you…”, the Mysterious Man said. 


“La La La La”, Fiona was singing as she walked. She had found a strange-looking tree, “What is with this tree?”, she asked herself. “I think I have found the glowing tree!”, Fiona exclaimed as she got the leaf. Then she came across a frozen river that looked no less, strange. 

“I think this is where I get the frozen shards,”, she said. Then she got some soil, she put it in a small bag. And as she looked around, Fiona saw a volcano, and a rock zoomed out of the volcano as it spat another burst of fire. 

“Finally! I have found the fiery heart!” she exclaimed. She was now ready to go back to where she had started.


Fiona was back where she started.

“I’m back,” Fiona said. 

“Oh, good, now put all the ingredients into the cauldron beside you,” Mr. Linden replied. 

“All done,” Fiona said. 

“Now I’ll just give you this last ingredient,” Mr. Linden responded. Fiona put in the ingredient, after that, Mr. Linden gave Fiona a spoon. 

“By the way,” Fiona said as she was stirring, “I met a mysterious man,”. 

“Oh, it’s him,”, Mr. Linden replied. 

“Who?”, Fiona asked. 

“His name is Nobody, he’s a trickster in the enchanted forest,”, Mr. Linden stated.


Meanwhile, the elixir was ready. 

“Finally!”, Fiona exclaimed. 

“It’s ready,”Mr. Linden replied, “Go on, drink it, what are you waiting for,”  Mr. Linden said. 

Fiona drank the potion. 

“So, how do you feel?”, Mr. Linden asked. 

“I feel nothing,”, Fiona replied. 

“You mean it didn’t work?!”, Mr. Linden shouted, “What did you use?” 

“Let’s see, a glowing leaf, some frozen shards, some soil and the fiery heart,” Fiona said. 

“What soil?”, Mr. Linden asked. 

“Just soil,”, Fiona responded. 

“You were supposed to use enchanted soil, not regular soil!”. Mr. Linden exclaimed.


“Well, I’m off again,”, Fiona replied, “Bye!”

“Good luck!”, Mr. Linden said.

Fiona went back to the enchanted forest and got some soil from it. Then she kept on going and going and going. 

“This sure is tiresome,”, Fiona said as she was walking. 

She went to the glowing tree once again, then she went to the enchanted river and got the frozen shards, and last she went back to the volcano, it erupted even more than last time. Then, the fiery heart zoomed out of the volcano. 

“Finally! After all that walking I got the items I need!”, Fiona said, “Now I can go back!”

She finally came back to where she started again.


“I’m back,” Fiona said. 

“Good,” Mr. Linden replied. 

They did the exact same process as last time, Fiona put in the ingredients and Mr. Linden added the enchanted water, then Fiona stirred with a spoon. 

“This sure is taking forever,” Fiona said. 

She kept on stirring. Then it was done. 

“Finally!” Fiona said. After that she drank it. 

“D0 you feel weird by any chance?” Mr. Linden asked. 

“Umm, yes,” Fiona replied. 

“Then it worked,” Mr. Linden said, “By the way, before you leave, remember to always listen to other people. Ok?” Mr. Linden said. 

“Alright, and thank you!” Fiona replied. 

“Goodbye!” Mr. Linden said. 

“Farewell,” Fiona responded. 

Then Fiona opened her eyes. She couldn’t believe it, she was back home. 

“It worked! I’m at my house!” Fiona exclaimed. 

Everything was normal, the bedrooms, the kitchen, the house was clean, and it was daytime, and everything was back to how it was before.