Joel’s Matter Project Review

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog post about my Matter project. First things first, my Matter project was about Plastic Pollution.

For my project I first wrote what were the forms of Matter, and, of course, they were Solids, Liquids and Gas. Then, I needed to write what were the Physical and/or Chemical changes, I wrote three Physical changes and one Chemical change.

I was surprised that I found out that plastic had caused so many problems and people aren’t noticing the damage to this world. I learned a lot of things when I was working on my project, from what plastic is made of to what has happened to various different animals on Earth.

My media text was making a commercial for all ages. I made it specifically because it is easy to broadcast (even though it costs a lot of money). Here is my video:

I feel proud that I presented this project. I also liked my classmates’ presentation. I have learned a lot of things about Plastic Pollution. See you in the next blog post. Bye!

P.S: Here is my bibliography

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