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Why Do We Wear Masks?

I don’t feel that comfortable wearing masks but I know it is important because it could be able to stop the spread of COVID 19.We all don’t like wearing masks, sometimes we have to wear masks at most places. We can’t do things we like to do, we have to wear masks because it is important to wear masks. It feels bad, but I agree to wear masks every day. We don’t like to wear masks, it can even be hard for others, they can prevent proper breathing, fog up your glasses and they can also make it hard to speak. This is my opinion on how I feel when I wear a mask. How do you feel when you wear a mask?


  1. jbennett31 · November 5, 2020 at 5:17 pm ·

    Hi Joel,
    Wearing a mask during Covid is so important. Have you gotten used to wearing your mask? I remember it was hard for me to wear a mask for a long time in the summer when it was hot. I am happy to say that I have gotten used to wearing a mask all day at school now. I am glad that the students at OJCS are wearing masks to stay safe. I bet you are happy when you get to take off your mask after school.
    Stay safe and healthy!
    Mrs. Bennett

    • joelt01 · November 16, 2020 at 3:17 pm ·

      Hi Mrs. Bennett,
      I have gotten used to wearing a mask, just a little bit. I am happy for you that you got used to wearing one at school.